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Bike model:
SR400, SR400FI, SR500, XT500

Product Overview


The TWOHANDS MC SR400/500, SR400FI – (and XT/TT500) DE-COMP LEVER KIT - is a direct engine mounted De-Comp lever without cable. The lever is made of stainless steel & powder coated black for long durability against rust and corrosion. This version comes as shown and allows you to fit an end knob / handle to suit your custom build style. Or simply use as it is by lifting the lever.

With the lever fitted there is no need to replace the decompression cable or relocate the lever when replacing the handlebars to clip on specification or when changing to wide tracker bars. In other words, the need to fit different length cables with bar changes (long or short etc.) are no longer required. Also, cable changes due to maintenance are no longer required with a lever. By removing the decompression cable, the area around the handlebars is renewed and less cluttered, giving a cleaner look to the bars with one less cable. Suitable for custom builds or simply as a convenient replacement. Made in Germany to a high standard.


  • Colour: BLACK lever - (stainless engine fitting)
  • High quality stainless steel for durability
  • Stainless fitting and hardware
  • Ergonomic shape for ease of use
  • Unique, aesthetic design
  • Made in Germany

Images: Several images are shown of the brushed stainless version, they are just examples to see how the lever fits and also to see how a handle / end knob can be fitted. BRUSHED stainless image are for reference only, this version is BLACK and without handle.

NOTE: replacement requires basic hand tools and some basic knowledge. Use of your workshop manual alongside the use of the provided guide is recommended. The lever should always be tested before use on road to ensure the return function of de-comp is correct and that you are familiar with the function of the new lever and its position in relation to the engine and exhaust prior to use.

*Always avoid touching the hot engine and exhaust system when fitting and using this lever, failing to do so could lead to burns.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review