• Q: When will I receive my order?
  • A: Orders are shipped between 10am and 2pm daily (Monday to Friday). All products ordered that are in stock will be dispatched within 2 business days of receiving the order. Special order or back order items will be advised separately. Orders placed after 2pm will be processed on the next business day. For example, if you order at 4pm on a Friday afternoon, the order will be processed on the following business day (Monday).
  • Q: How long will my order take to arrive?
  • A: Depending on your location, most orders will arrive within 2-3 business days to Australian capital cities and major metro areas. In some cases delivery can be on the next business day when shipped via Express Post. Deliveries to more remote areas (like Tasmania, NT, WA or North Queensland) can take longer (often 5-8 days). We will advise the expected delivery time when you order, and recommend you check Australia Post for current delays. 
  • For international orders (outside of Australia), delivery times will vary depending on your location, the size of your order and the shipping method used. Some items can be sent directly from the manufacturer / factory for faster delivery (where possible). Direct shipment will likely be with EMS (Japan Post), DHL, FedEx or Yamato Transport Japan.
  • NOTE: There are currently some delays with the postal services and courier services due to COVID-19. Current shipment times quoted above with Australia post are estimates only - our experience is that most parcel have arrived within the time or reasonable time. However, please be aware Australia Post are not guaranteeing next day delivery. More details can be read here > Domestic parcels and International parcels
  • Q: I need the products the next day, can you send by Express Post?
  • A: We can send by Express Post for most items, however, some items need special packaging and preparation may take longer. We will always endeavor to ship as fast as possible (usually within 24-48 hours). We suggest that you advise us at the time of ordering or before placing an order if the order is urgent. Once your order has been received and processed changes may no longer be possible as products can ship quickly (within hours).
  • All 'next day delivery' guarantees are Australia Posts policies and are for delivery to areas within the Australia Post Express Post network area. See Australia Post for details on Express Post. VANEM is not responsible for orders that do not arrive on time due to delays with the postal service. Once sent, responsibility for handling of your order passes to the carrier.
  • Q: What happens if I am not home / available to receive my order?
  • A: If you are not available when our delivery partner attempts a delivery, a card may be left advising you that your order will be available for you to collect from your local post office or depot. If no such arrangements can be made, we or our delivery partner, will attempt to contact you to arrange an alternative delivery time. Any goods returned to VANEM as “undeliverable”, will only be returned to you after appropriate handling and delivery charges are paid.
  • Q: Where is my order shipped from?
  • A: In stock items will ship directly from our warehouse in Artarmon, NSW, Australia. For items that are classed as special orders (including back orders & some international orders), products may ship from our partners directly (or the order may be split between available items and back ordered items). If any items are not being dispatched directly from our warehouse we will advise at the time of order.
  • Q: Do you ship worldwide?
  • A: YES. We ship to most countries that our delivery carriers are able to deliver to. However, there are certain locations that we can not deliver to overseas due to postal restrictions or size / weight limits. There are also some countries we do not ship to for various reasons. Please check the details at the check out or feel free to ask us prior to purchase.
  • Q: My order received taxes and duties on arrival, isn't this covered in the sale price?
  • A: Taxes and duties are not covered in the final sale outside of Australia. Goods sold within Australia have GST applied to them. However, parts exported will not be taxed (no GST). For export orders the price excludes GST. The purchaser is responsible for all taxes and duties. Unfortunately we can not advise exact details for each country. Regulations and requirements change from country to country. If you are unsure about taxes and duties in your country for mail orders, please contact the relevant customs office in your country.  


  • Q: My chromed exhaust has gone blue after getting hot, is this normal?
  • A: Yes, most chromed exhaust system may show some colour variation after it has been run and is hot. Typically this is most evident in the hottest part of the exhaust. Factory head pipes are double walled to avoid discoloring, however, single wall head pipes and joint area's of mufflers are typically not dual wall and therefore may change colour. This is considered characteristic of all chromed exhaust items and is not a fault.
  • Q: My stainless exhaust has changed colour after getting hot, (straw colour) is this normal?
  • A: Yes, most stainless exhaust system may show some colour variation after being run and getting hot. Typically this is most evident in the hottest part of the exhaust. Factory head pipes are double walled (chromed) to avoid discoloring, however, single wall stainless head pipes and joint area's of mufflers are typically not dual wall and therefore may change colour. This is considered characteristic of all stainless exhaust items and is not a fault.
  • Q: The fiberglass part I am interested in says they are GEL coated, is GEL coat paint?
  • A: Gel coat is used in the manufacturing process. It is not equivalent to paint. Therefore all GEL coated parts should be painted and all fiberglass parts should be checked and finished off (if required) prior to paint. Even though most fiberglass parts we sell are excellent quality and GEL coat at times looks good enough to use as is, we recommend painting to ensure the longevity and protection from UV light.
  • Q: I bought a product that was painted in a factory colour but it doesn't match exactly with the colour of my bike?
  • A: Paint on body parts tends to fades daily due to ultraviolet light. Also there are many cases where the factory quoted colour deviates at time of painting in the factory depending on the painting conditions (e.g. if the factory changes paint supplier, etc.). If you want to match the color accurately with your bike, you need to "colour match", and this will depend on the age of the bikes and the condition. We do not offer this as a service. Parts sold as "painted parts" are consider as near to factory as possible. To match the colour of the bike perfectly, please purchase an unpainted product and consult your paint shop or selling dealer.
  • Q: I bought a part that is anodized and a bought a matching brand part in the same anodized colour (as I wanted to match the colors) OR I bought a anodized part to match with a product I bought before, however, the colors are slightly different?
  • A: Anodizing gradually fades due to ultraviolet light. Older parts may have faded slightly so will not colour match with brand new items bought at a later date. Also, the color tone may differ slightly depending on the manufacturing conditions at time of anodizing. With that said, most anodized parts we sell are made to a high standard and differences are usually minimal. But please note prior to purchase there may be slight differences (for new items). We do not consider this a fault and will not consider this for returns.
  • Q: I have no experience of replacing parts by myself. Is it possible to install all of the parts by myself?
  • A: Many parts are considered "BOLT ON" items when sold for a specific model and can be fitted with basic hand tools. In that case we try to make it as easy as possible for you if you have skills to do the job. However some items require mechanical knowledge and auto electrical processing to fit. Many products have instructions but that is not always the case as some items are considered replacement items and the workshop manual is used as a guide. Ultimately the parts we sell are for those with technical knowledge and those that have experience and skill with part replacement, servicing and customizing. Universal parts can be used on many suitable models / makes etc. (are 'universal'). If you aren't sure - please contact us prior to purchase, or seek advice from your mechanic / parts fitter.