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Bike model:
SR400/500 & SR400FI

Product Overview


The classic SR400/500 custom seat recreates the atmosphere of the 70’s and is reminiscent of the early SR400/500 seat (Japanese released model). The seat trim design and stitching, adds to the classic feel. The seat base is fiberglass, and it adopts urethane foam with a comfortable firmness to ensure seat fatigue is kept to a minimum, even if ridden for a long time or when touring. The seat shape differs to factory seats and the foam has been lowered by 25mm compared to normal. The seats overall shape has been slimmed down slightly, this means the seat suits use with up right bars and clip on bars.

- Recreates the atmosphere of the 70's, reminiscent of the early SR models.
- Reduced seat thickness is a great match for clip on bars, custom builds and use with normal bars.
- Can be installed at the same time as the Daytona classic carrier.
- Fits with original SR tanks, Daytona BSA tanks, as well as many custom tanks with normal length.
- Made in Japan

- Q1: Regarding the 25mm height reduction - (compared to the normal seat thickness), where is it measured?
- A1: The seat height is measured at hip point of the seat when compared side by side.

- Q2: The initial model (78 & 79 models) are not compatible as seat contacts the frame bridge, can I still use this seat on a 78-79 model?
- A2: Yes, you can fit the seat. However, you need to remove the rear seat frame bridge, (*which is not fitted from 1980 onwards)

- Q3: Does this seat fit the FI (injected) models and Carbie models?
- A3: Yes, the seat is a direct fit to the FI, & you can use on carbie models using the mounting kit #15685 (purchase separately)

Fitment notes:
- The SR400/500 (78~79) models requires the rear seat bridge removal from the frame, and requires the seat mount kit #15685.
- The SR400 (80~08) & SR500 (80~99) models require a separate custom seat installation kit. Please purchase #15685 separately.
- ‎The SR400/500 (78~17) requires a minor hole adjustment of the seat rear cowl (elongate holes by 2-3mm), instructions included.
- The tandem (pillion) belt is not included, please purchase it separately (#16087 - black).
- Or alternatively use the genuine rear grab bar or assist grip.
‎- Although the seat is waterproofed, there are cases where water may seep into the seat seams due to stitching treatment and design. This is normal with most stitched seats. Just let it dry in the sun or if parking in rain / wet conditions use a seat cover when parked or washing the bike.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review