SPEEDOMETER, 140km/h, 60mm, LED LIT, BLACK, W/ TRIP METER, 15621

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Product Overview

Daytona Black classic 140km/h mechanical gauge revived for custom builds and older models that run mechanical meters. DAYTONA revived the classic panel design on this speedometer and decided to make it with an all-black look to fit with customers’ requirements for modern custom build styles. The gauge features an LED backlight dial that is easy to see at night. Gauge is fitted with an odometer and Trip meter to keep track of Km’s ridden etc. Suits bikes with a K=1:4 ratio and M12 cable fitting. See images for cable fitting etc.

Product features:
High precision and high-quality gauge by DAYTONA. Great visibility due to the LED back lighting and well styled panel design. Suits a range of custom motorcycles. Also suitable for use as an OEM replacement on older models where OEM gauges are no longer available. Easy fit up with only two wires and the speedo cable to connect.


  • Body: 60mm, stainless housing, painted Black
  • Rim: Stainless – painted Black
  • Lighting: LED (white)
  • Dial: 140km/h
  • Ratio: K=1:4 (60km/h = 1400rpm)
  • Cable Spigot: M12 x 1.0
  • Trip: Yes
  • Odometer: Yes
  • English Instructions: Yes


  • This meter is not supplied with a bracket.
  • Please order an anti-vibe stay separately or for SR models match with the Tachometer and fit to a dual meter stay.
  • This meter is not completely waterproof. It is water resistant just like most factory gauges.
  • This product is for 12V vehicles only. (LED type is for DC power supply only).
  • The wiring of the harness must be processed to match the bike. Please prepare the terminals such as bullet terminals separately.
  • The speedometer has a gear ratio of "60km / h = 1400rpm" that ratio corresponds to most domestic (Japanese bikes) that are (mechanical models) that corresponds to SR400 /SR500 / XS650 etc. and, some Triumph models and many Honda and Kawasaki models. However, models with other gear ratios are not compatible. We have a known list of compatible bikes, but cannot answer usage about every bike made, please check your speedo drive ratio prior.
  • The speedometer and tachometer are subject to the internal construction and dial colour differences, there may be slight difference in the luminous state (slightly noticeable at night).


Q: Do we sell a matching tachometer for the speedometer?
A: Yes, we have a matching tachometer. See the tachometer section for details



(No reviews yet) Write a Review