FORK Co. Ltd W650, W800 BEVEL GEAR COVER, "BLACK", 7101-01BLK

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The FORK CO bevel gear cover features the classic W logo and line of the W1SA and W3 engine cover. The fins on the side of the gear cover match (have the same pitch) as the cylinder head fins, this ensures a natural fit to the engine. Each cover is individually sand cast by experienced craftsman and finished by hand with great attention to detail. The cover is easy to install with simple tools. No oil will be lost by removing this cover.

The covers are a perfect addition for custom builds as well as classic styled bike looking for a vintage feel. The Black version looks great on the black engine W800!


  • 1 x Cast alloy Bevel Gear Cover- (Black)

*Notice, regarding the W800, Café & Street built from 2019, for the newer 2019 onwards models, you need some optional parts as listed below. The 2019 onwards covers (W800) has a different shape inside, that means the heat shield mat is different and can't be easily transferred.

Note, this is only for the 2019 onwards model. All older W800, W650 and W400 do not require the kit.

  • *Pin - 92043-1606 - x1 - (Kawasaki genuine)
  • *Heat shield mat - 53004-1124 - x1 (Kawasaki genuine)
  • *Socket head bolts - M5x14 92151-1581 x2 - (The new 800 bolts are about 4mm longer than the older model)
  • *Plastic washers - 92022-1023 x2
  1. *Bolts are not genuine Kawasaki bolts – (but are an equivalent product)
  2. *Plastic washers are not genuine Kawasaki bolts – (but are an equivalent product)

We have these small parts as a optional kit. (Sold separately in our store) 7101-OP 1


Fork Co., Ltd are based in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. Fork are well known for their unique custom cast alloy motorcycle parts. Their parts range is best known for the custom aftermarket parts produced for a range of makes & models, such as Harley-Davidson™, Triumph™, Yamaha™ & Kawasaki™ motorcycles as-well as other Vintage models. Each part is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen in combination with modern technology to ensure the final fit and finish is excellent. (Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners).


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