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7101-OP 1
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W800 2019 ~ UP

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Product Overview

This set is used when fitting custom FORK CO. BEVEL GEAR COVERS to the 2019 onwards W800.

The W800, Café & Street built from 2019 need optional parts as listed below as the 19~ onwards factory bevel gear covers have a different inner shape. So these small parts are available as an optional kit for the newer (~ 19) built W800. As the the heat shield mat on the 19~ onwards model cannot be easily transferred to the custom Bevel Gear Covers, simply use this set to make fit up easy.

This kit is essentially the older type of heat mat, with special washers and bolts that is used with a fitting set for the newer W800.


  • *Pin - 92043-1606 - x1 - (Kawasaki genuine)
  • *Heat shield mat - 53004-1124 - x1 (Kawasaki genuine)
  • *Socket head bolts - M5x14 92151-1581 x2 - (The new 800 bolts are about 4mm longer than the older model)
  • *Plastic washers - 92022-1023 x2
  1. *Bolts are not genuine Kawasaki bolts – (but are an equivalent product)
  2. *Plastic washers are not genuine Kawasaki bolts – (but are an equivalent product)

- If fitting the FORK CO. W650/800 cast alloy Bevel Gear Covers (#7101-01BLK & 7101-01S), then this kit is required on the W800 built 2019 onward.

- If your bike was an older model W800 (built before 2019) then you do not need this kit. 

*So please note, this is only for the *2019 onwards model only*.


Fork Co., Ltd are based in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. Fork are well known for their unique custom cast alloy motorcycle parts. Their parts range is best known for the custom aftermarket parts produced for a range of makes & models, such as Harley-Davidson™, Triumph™, Yamaha™ & Kawasaki™ motorcycles as-well as other Vintage models. Each part is hand crafted by skilled craftsmen in combination with modern technology to ensure the final fit and finish is excellent. (Third-party trademarks are the property of their respective owners).


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