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DAYTONA, PART #78730. W400 (11~16), W650 (99~08) & W800 (11~ 16) SADDLE BAG SUPPORT, CHROMED, FOR LHS

The Daytona Kawasaki W saddle bag support is made for the W400/650 and 800 and is a bolt on item. Support has lower strap loops and is made to fit with the DAYTONA / HENLY saddle bags we sell. Use with third party bags may also be possible, however we highly recommend the DAYTONA bags for correct and secure fitment.


  • Suits: W400 (11~16), W650 (99~08) & W800 (11~ 16) - (LEFT SIDE)
  • Size: Round bar diameter Φ10mm
  • Material: Made of steel, with a chrome plated finish
  • Sold individually, if you need a LHS and RHS set, please also order #78731
  • The list of available bags can be found in the "RIDE GEAR" section of this website
  • Can be fitted to stock frame with or without the factory grab bar
  • Can be fitted with most custom seats as long as the frame mounting point is intact

When fitting pannier bags (AKA: saddle bags) you need to keep in mind that saddlebags that get caught up in the rear wheel/chain or suspension can cause serious accidents. The saddlebag support is necessary to deter such entrapment. The saddlebag support has an appropriate outward extension and sufficient vertical length to prevent contact with the rear suspension and rear axle. This helps to minimize scuffs and scratches on the saddlebags as well as avoid accidents from bags getting entangled in the rear wheel etc. 

Example image of bag support being fitted with DAYTONA saddle bag.


Attention: *The saddlebag support may contact the rear suspension on bikes that have replaced the rear suspension and suspension specs / diameter etc. with an aftermarket type shock that differs to the factory shocks. *We can not advise on fitment with third party bags. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review