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Bike model:
SR400FI (14~) Australian model

Product Overview

Used on the Australian released SR400FI (fuel injected model) when replacing the factory gauges and the normal instrument indicator lights from the factory gauges can no longer be used. The DAYTONA indicator kit consists of - 1 x triple indicator, 1 x double indicator & 1 x fuel warning lamp, plus required harnesses for your new gauge back lights, *and we also fit an additional wire for the speed sensor to complete the kit. Use with a single gauge, or dual gauge set up, with mechanical gauges or our range of electrical gauges.

Lights are used for the following:
- Neutral (Green LED)
- Turn signals - (Orange LED)
- High beam - (Blue LED)
- Check engine - (Orange LED)
- Fuel light - (Orange bulb lit)
- Spare - (Red LED), see notes below

Regarding the Red LED: The Red LED in the double indicator set of the Australian model kit (87574-AU) is a spare. It can be unused- use as you like. For example use for oil pressure warning, ignition on or another auxiliary purpose such as the side stand warning etc. (Your own wiring process will be required for the Red LED if using it). 

Extra information:
Brackets are the well-known aluminum banana type, with clear anodizing. They can be fitted to curve around the base of a single gauge, twin gauges, or bolt on separately to the side in a discrete location. The brackets are attached with the included M6 bolts or (install with other parts if using a dual stay kit etc.). On the FI model there is also a fuel warning lamp which is bulb lit, it can also be bolted on simultaneously.

This is a bike-specific set with compatible harnesses and wiring making it a bolt-on solution for the 2014~ (Australian model). Being a bolt on solution saves you a lot of fabrication and a lot of workshop expense compared to a DIY option. And when purchased from VANEM, we supply an English guide to help make the installation as easy as possible (*if your wiring harness is still in factory specification). However, if in doubt about your installation skills, this product should be installed by a reputable professional with basic knowledge of wiring.

- Part No. 87574-AU is a kit specifically converted to suit the Australia delivered model which has different wiring to the JDM version.
- Part No. 87574 is for the SR400FI Japanese released model (which is also occasionally sold as an import in Australia and elsewhere).

- Suitable for the SR400FI Australian released model built from 2014~ 
- When removing the factory speedometer, you lose the factory speed sensor, an aftermarket speed sensor can be purchased separately (see 87430, 87429 or 87038).
- Designed for use with our range of DAYTONA gauges (mechanical and electrical). If fitting with third party gauges modification may be required in some instances.
- This kit does NOT fit the carbie models, see our model specific kit for other year models separately.
- Please confirm the suitability & specs of this product before purchasing & check your bike is a suitable Y/M prior to installation.
- Since the blue indicator uses a high-brightness LED, it can shine brighter than other colors.
- Before installation, have a genuine factory wiring diagram for the vehicle side wiring & make sure that the wiring diagram is correct for your model.



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