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POSH SR400 ('94-02) SR500 (94-99) MACHINED TZ REPLICA TOP BRIDGE - SMOKED BLACK - 010166-26.

POSH have re-produced the TZ replica top bridge for the SR400 ('94 -'02) & SR500 ('94 -'99). Produced by CNC alloy machining instead of using cast alloy! The finish is superb due to the precision machining, shot blast finish and high quality anodizing in Japan. The factory handle bar lock can be used due to the supplied offset ignition switch mount.

Available in a unique matt SMOKED BLACK colour (enhanced by the shot blast finish). An essential part for all high quality builds using clip on bars. Made in Japan.

Fitment: This T/B is made for the above listed year models (SR400 imports). However, the Australia SR400FI (14~17 injected model) and possibly other countries SR400FI's, do not use the same immobiliser unit as the Japanese (domestic market) SR400FI. Therefore this kit can also be used on the later models sold outside of Japan (without the immobiliser aerial type ignition switch).


  • Top Bridge Body ×1pc M8 × 30
  • Cap Bolts ×2pcs M6 × 18
  • Cap Bolts ×2pcs M8 × 55
  • Flange type Bolt ×2pcs M8
  • Flange Nuts × 2pcs M8 × 22
  • Cap Bolt × 2pcs M8 x T10mm
  • Aluminum spacers × 2pcs
  • M6 x T10mm Aluminum spacers × 4pcs
  • Ignition switch mounting bracket × 1pc (black)

Recommended for use with the stainless POSH Handlebar limiter 3 (or DAYTONA limiter) to prevent switches interfering with the tank.

NOTE: It is possible to use handlebar lock due to the offset switch mount supplied. Use of the original meters and headlight is possible with separate headlight stays - (mounts are provided on the T/B). When removing the ignition switch from your factory top bridge drilling may be required. Fitting of the top bridge should be done with the use of clip on bars The OEM headlight bracket can bot be used with clip on bar use – please fit separate headlight brackets (as per all clip on conversions). The factory indicators will in most cases need to be relocated, see our selection of indicator stays.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review