NISSIN "RETRO" MASTER CYL, ANGLED TANK, 1/2" (12.7mm), 74755

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 Genuine Nissin high quality master cylinder made in Japan. A brake master cylinder made by NISSIN, the leaders in brake components with quality second to none. Fitted with a round integrated tank for a retro feel. Use on custom builds, vintage restorations or as a genuine replacement when you desire real 70-80s styling. The tank is angled and is best suited for use with clip on bars or handlebars with a handle drop between 10°-15° degree's. The lever is the standard type with no adjuster - which maintains the retro styling.

 Spare parts are available separately if needed (such as tank caps, levers etc.).

- Retro type master cylinder, with a 1/2 inch bore size - (=12.7mm)
- Integrated (angled) tank suitable for angled bars
- Made in Japan by NISSIN (*Genuine product)
- Brake switch is included - 2 pole type
- Integrated mirror holder
- Bar clamp suits 22.2mm (7/8") handlebars
- Rear of M/C body has been shaped to allow for bars
- The bore size is stamped on the rear *to confirm correct sizing

- Master cylinder main body, (black)
- Silver lever (clear anodized)
- Tank cap with fluid warnings etc.
- Diaphragm etc.
- Mirror holder with M10 x 1.25mm RH thread

This master cylinder is fitted with a silver lever, without adjustment.
If you want an adjustable lever, see part number 62283 with 6 point adjustment, (available separately).

- Do not install the short Nissin levers to this M/C, the internal components of the master cylinder may be damaged.
- Fitting of incorrect levers can lead to accidents and be fatal. *Only use recommended genuine Nissin / Daytona replacement levers.
- The banjo bolt is not included, see notes below regarding banjo bolts.
- In case of M10 x P1.25 (HONDA, YAMAHA, KAWASAKI), the normal bolt can be used as it is (or purchase our stainless bolts).
- In case of M10 x P1.0 (SUZUKI), please purchase a new banjo bolt with the M10 x P1.25mm thread - (sold separately).
- If using on Yamaha's with an inverse mirror thread (for example an SR400) - please purchase a mirror thread adapter separately.

Always use new gaskets (washers) when fitting the brake line to this master cylinder. Always ensure the banjo bolt is compatible with the master cylinder thread, depth and the line fittings size. *Changing any component on your brake system requires a very high level of experience and skill. This master cylinder and related parts should only be fitted by a licensed qualified mechanic in licensed workshop. The brake system will require bleeding before use, bleeding of the system should only be carried out by qualified mechanics. Always ensure the master cylinder size is correct for your application. Never use a third party (non Nissin) brake lever or incorrect Nissin levers, if replacing, only use the designated brake lever. Dot5 is not suitable for use with this MC. Do not use Dot5 (BF5) silicon based brake fluids.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review