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Universal & SR500

Product Overview

DAYTONA / RCM CONCEPT LOW BAR - GLOSS BLACK. The Daytona / RCM 22.2mm (7/8") low handlebar has a moderate bend to avoid being positioned in a cramped or in a stressed riding position, it maintains an “easy-to-use riding position” that suits all conditions from the city to sports riding. This is a versatile bar that can be used for custom builds, performance rides or on your modern classic. With built in bar end weights (100g each side) and bar end threads (8mm), these bars easily allow for compatible bar ends and bar end mirror to be fitted securely.

Size: (Always check specs carefully to ensure bars suit your bike)
- 22.2mm diameter (7/8")
- 684mm wide
- 49mm high
- 96mm pull back
- 146mm clamp width

* High strength construction - made of steel
* CNC mandrel bend processing, with a high quality gloss black finish
* Universal use on a range of bikes with 22.2mm bars (7/8") 
* Inner bar weights installed to reduce vibrations (100g per side)
* Kawasaki M8 type bar ends can be securely fitted with m8 type bar ends
* A special sticker is already attached to the handle center.
* Bar end mounting part - screw length approx. 30 mm
* Daytona / AC Sanctuary (RCM) Collaboration
* Made in Japan

Built-in weights, The bars have built in weights with an M8 thread pre installed (welded in) on both ends of the bar, this acts as a bar end weight (100g per side) which helps lessen bar vibes. It also means you can use the optional RCM middle weight bar end, or the other M8 bar ends we stock such as the POSH middle bar end weights, POSH bar ends (M8) or even the Daytona heavy bar end weights etc. If using bar end mirrors, again this is also handy as you can use the M8 type Kawasaki bar end adapters to make a solid & secure no fuss fit up of your bar end mirrors, see the optional bar ends list below.

Optional bar ends, (more options / colors by request), you can find these in the Z900RS section, universal bar end section & the mirror accessories section.

  • 031178-06, POSH M8 type, solid bar end for KAWASAKI (BLACK)
  • 031178-26, POSH M8 type, solid bar end for KAWASAKI (MATT BLACK)
  • 032579-06, POSH M8 type, middle weight bar end for KAWASAKI (MATT BLACK)
  • 23103, RCM concept middle weight bar end, *Middle weight bar end used by AC Sanctuary "complete machine" [RCM].
  • 89444,"D-MIRROR" bar end mirror adapters, M8 KAWASAKI, BLACK

Note: Bars are a general-purpose handle bar. To install, it might be necessary to drill a hole for the left and right switch boxes, or notch the bar if your bike requires it (for example W650/800 etc.). As these are a universal bar, please check the specs above and ensure these will fit your clamp width, throttle, use & application etc.

If you have a bike with 1inch bars and require 25.4mm (1") to 22.2mm (7/8") shims, see our handlebar shims in the Universal bar section or the W650 bar section.



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