SR400/500 (78-08) Polished BSA Replica Aluminium Tank, 66680

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DAYTONA - SR400/500 BSA Replica Aluminium Tank – 66680

The BSA type tank by DAYTONA Japan is a high-quality alloy replica Clubman racer tank styled off the famous BSA Gold Star that was active in the 1950s. It is made of aluminium and has a polished finish. Quality is second to none and the tanks are made in Japan to ensure quality. The BSA style is suitable for classic café racer builds or modern customs, so use is not restricted to just classic / vintage BSA type builds, you can also use this tank for your creative custom café racers & your custom SR400/500 builds.

The tank fits onto the original SR tank location tabs like the factory tank as this is a dedicated SR400/500 tank (not a generic / universal fit tank). All tanks are dye pressed (not welded sections), then constructed by hand. Welding is handled with state-of-the-art modern robotic welders. Tanks are pressure tested before shipping to ensure high quality is maintained. The normal SR400/500 (78-2008) type petcock can be installed or swapped from your current factory tank. Use polished as sold or paint as you like.

- The BSA style tank is polished aluminium.
- The tank cap with key is a Monza cap design.
- Tank capacity: approx. 17L (reserve: approx. 2.5L).
- Use of factory SR fuel tap is possible
- Made in Japan to ensure quality.
- English & Japanese instructions when purchasing from VANEM

- SR400/500 ('80-'08) carbie models
- SR400/500 (78-79) carbie models – (*as long as the seat used with the tank is compatible).

The '78-'79 models have a frame bridge at the rear of the frame, therefore consider the seat you decide to use with this tank or remove the frame bridge if using seats that clash with the frame bridge. As a guide, the BSA tank is suitable with most custom seats that are of the normal length, or those that fit in the normal factory position. In other words, you do not need a short seat with this tank (as you do with the Norton tank). But some seats may clash. In general many are fine.

Compatible seats:
- The Daytona 70's Surf-line seat range can be installed - (66147/66148/66149)
- The Daytona Cozy seats are said to not fit, however, they can be fitted on models without the rear frame bridge (80-08)
- Nitroheads Café seats and flat Nitroheads seats have been installed with this tank
- POSH normal length café seats have been installed with this tank
- Some Peyton Place SR400 seats have been fitted with this tank
- Others......

*There are many commercially available seats on the market. Some may be ok; some need some adjustments, and some may not fit at all due to dimensions of the seats. We can not answer questions about every seat on the market.

1, This tank does NOT suit the SR400 ('10-) FI models, and cannot be installed on injected models due to a change in the shape of the tank bottom plate and fuel tap fittings and internal plumbing etc. For FI models, see the Norton replica tank listed in our store (#91745). 2, Please use OEM fuel cock. It is recommended to replace the O-ring with a new o ring when mounting. OEM part number: 1J7-24512-00(-92/7), 2G2-24512-00(92/8-), sold separately. 3, Aluminium gasoline tanks can have some manufacturing marks due to the handmade / welding processes. *We cannot accept complaints about minor marks or minor wrinkles or ripples in the alloy etc., so please only purchase after understanding in advance, with that said these are made to a very high standard. 4, If you are fitting clip-on bars and fitting the turn signals (lamps) next to the under bracket, use of the handlebar stopper (26157 or 910041) is recommended (sold separately). 5, The alloy surface is untreated to take advantage of the luster of aluminium. Maintenance is required to maintain a highly polished look. We recommend cleaning regularly and polishing lightly on a regular basis. We also recommend if you live by the sea, take measures to protect the tank just like all polished parts.

*This product is made to order. If it is not in stock at time of order, you can order or add to the wish list, however, keep in mind It may take up to 120 days from the date of order for the tank to be processed. Once back ordered and your tank is being made, we cannot accept cancellation. This is only if we do not have stock at the time of ordering.



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