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Suitable for all SR400/500 models built between 78 ~ 08. The Daytona SR400/500 chromed slip on reverse cone (Megaphone) muffler kit is a great replacement for the large heavy factory unit. Muffler is designed to be a no fuss solution when wanting to re-style your bike and add a nice thump. Use on Café racers, Trackers and Custom builds. The styling is versatile, so if you change your bikes style, the muffler will in most cases look great with your re modelling. The carbie version is JMCA rated for noise regs in Japan to meet or better the 94dB noise level on standard bikes (see specs below). If looking to avoid an obnoxiously loud muffler that upsets your neighbors, but one that gives a nice SR "thump" and great styling, then the DAYTONA slip on will suit your needs.

A centre stand stopper is required separately (as you lose the stopper that goes with the factory muffler). The stand stops are available in our Engine /exhaust section.

The muffler can be used on the SR400 & SR500, however, the noise level will vary slightly on the 500 compared to the SR400 if your bike is tuned - (it may be louder on the 500 in some circumstances). Muffler suits fitment with standard factory head pipes, and can be installed with various aftermarket headers that are suitable (if they are made to the factory pipe specs / length etc.).

  • Features:
  • Suits: SR400/500 ('78~'08) - Carburetor model exclusive use
  • Daytona Megaphone weight: 2.2kg > (Genuine muffler is: 5.4kg or heavier on older models)
  • Finish: High quality chrome plated finish
  • Noise measurements: Approaching: 1JR(91dB/3500rpm) or > RH01J ~ (92dB/3500rpm) *JMCA marked and certified.
  • Fully tested and dyno tuned at DAYTONA's test track / engine room
  • Made in Japan
  • Included:
  • Muffler main body - chromed
  • Gasket for slip joint
  • Bracket and hardware to fit
  • Instructions: English & Japanese

NOTE: The use of a separately purchased centre stand stopper is required (sold separately in our exhaust section: #7020). The #94500 suits 78~08 bikes (not FI models). For injected models see our listing for #94499 (FI model specific).

Clips below,

  1. First clip here below (top) shows the SR400 (carbie model) testing at DAYTONA with slip on muffler and adjustable ignition plate.
  2. Second clip is the slip on muffler SR400FI (injected) version on DAYTONA's test track. The FI version is quieter than the Carb muffler, however the FI clip below shows the slip on compared to the factory muffler so clip is great to see the visuals.



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