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Returning items  


VANEM believes in quality products and has taken care in only sourcing, selling and promoting goods that we believe will give our customers satisfaction and reliable use. Please remember if you are in doubt about colours, size or compatibility then all questions should be asked prior to sale. We will give you all the information available, and if that is still not enough then please speak with your technician or discuss with us further so you fully understand what you are buying prior to sale.  

Conditions apply to returns so please read our terms below.

1. To make a return: we will have to have your proof of purchase, your sales receipt and in some cases your ID may be required (if you are not a known or regular customer or we can't find you in our system). * The receipt will be needed for all returns to prove you are the original purchaser and to authenticate the sales date. Returns are only applicable to the original purchaser of our products.

2. Products being returned must be in perfect condition to resell. This includes the packaging and all documentation such as instructions. Any product that has been installed, used, damaged, scratched or worn will not be in a condition to resell and will not be accepted. Any products that are sent back for a return and are not in a state to resell will be sent back to the purchaser at his / her own cost after the postage cost has been paid, so please don't return used or damaged goods, and always contact us before sending any item for a return.

3. Postage costs: return postage will be at the purchaser's expense unless the incorrect part has been sent by us or if the part is faulty in which case we will be obliged to pay the postage costs for the return and for the exchanged item when needed. Any item damaged in the post will be an issue for you to resolve with the postal service used at time of purchase. We will assist to provide any details we have available about the parcel/postage.

4. A 20% restocking fee may be charged to cover the time taken to process and pack orders. This may be done where we feel you have not taken the time or care to understand fully what you have bought. You can ask prior to returning the product if a restocking fee will be charged. It takes time to handle and process orders so please choose carefully. If in doubt, ask for more information prior to purchasing goods.

5. Items bought on sale, during a promotion or have had the priced reduced may not be able to be returned, all sales for sale items are final. Exchange may be possible or a store credit given in some circumstances. If in doubt, please ask before buying.

6. Specially ordered products: can not be accepted for a credit. If we order you a part or product that is not a stocked item it will be classified as a special order item. We make ever effort to inform customers about the products they have asked us to supply, so if you have requested a special order from Japan please note that all sales regarding special order parts are final. Please ask all the questions prior to sale. If the special order product is defective or has a manufacturing fault the normal returns and warranty procedure will apply.

7. Electrical parts: Returns will not be accepted for parts that are electrical related. Buying electrical parts to use as diagnostic tools is not an acceptable excuse to return these parts. In most cases if you have an electrical fault and it is not rectified prior to fitting new parts, you may then also ruin the new part and end up with the same fault you started with. So electrical parts are strictly no return and no warranty items unless it is clearly a fault due to manufacturing. In some cases, headlights and taillights may be returned, but only if unopened and not fitted. The policy outlined in the returns information above will apply in that case.

Note: After contacting us with a return that is accepted, please take care to send all products back to us safely. Please be aware if an item is lost or damaged in transit, Vanem can not be responsible for the loss. This situation will be a matter for you to follow up with the postal service. Therefore we suggest you register and insure the item being returned and make every effort to pack the item safely for return. We are not able to accept any item that has been damaged even if it is by the postal service. We will do all we can to help you with rectifying the situation but ultimately it is your responsibility to pack and send any returns in a safe and secure manner.


Before making a return, CONTACT US BY PHONE OR EMAIL

THEN, address all returns to:



PO BOX 286
NSW 1595



In the very rare case that you find a manufacturing fault when you receive your parts or products please contact us prior to returning the item.
VANEM checks each part prior to shipping to limit any problems and delays with parts before being sent. Please ask at the time of ordering for specific details about warranties as some parts are excluded from manufacturer's warranties. It is not written or implied that all parts carry warranty, so please read the information set out below. If in doubt please ask prior to purchase. The parts that carry warranties are warranted by the manufacturers so any replacement and or repair is at their discretion. VANEM will do everything possible to have an item considered for warranty, where appropriate, and will handle all dealings on your behalf. Any item that is found to be faulty must be returned to us before it will be considered in any way. There is no exception to this. If the part is found to have a manufacturing fault we will return all costs incurred for the postage and replace the part as needed in a timely manner once granted by the manufacturer.

Please read the following details below and if further information is needed please ask.

All warranties will be void for parts that are used for racing use, off-road or if the parts are installed on bikes other than the listed models in which they are intended. Parts fit only applications listed with each item so if in doubt ask prior to purchase. We are not responsible for incorrect fitment if your bike is a mix of old and new model parts (eg: If you quote your bike is a 78 model and it is running 2005 import parts then that is your responsibility to know what bike you have and request parts correctly in the first instance) any result of incorrectly ordered and fitted parts in such a situation will be the owners responsibility. Parts that have been modified, altered or changed in any way from how they were sold will also not be considered for warranty.

Electrical parts are not returnable. If you are unsure about the part you wish to purchase please ask prior to sale and we can confirm the suitability and compatibility of the item for your application. Parts listed will work on models listed only. These parts rely on correct fitment by professional and experienced people. Electrical goods can be damaged by existing faults that have not been fixed prior to fitting. So please do your diagnostic work prior to fitting new parts not with the new parts (Parts can be easily ruined by neglecting to fix faults).

Exhaust parts and or systems. Warranties do not cover damage caused by crashes, modification, exposure to corrosives such as cleaning products or deterioration caused by exposure to the elements or wear. The owner is responsible for all damage caused by poor installation, off-road use, accidents, use on race days and track days, neglect or when engines are incorrectly tuned. Warrantee is not available for bluing of chromed systems or for discolouring of stainless systems. It is a normal process that will happen with use. Manufacturer's warranties will apply when applicable to manufacturing faults. Exhaust warranty returns must have approval prior to return and have all hardware and documentation returned when making any claim.

Note: Incorrectly tuned engines that are causing excessive running temperatures and engines that have excessive vibration issues may void warranties. Some exhausts rely on the engines being correctly tuned to make the most out of the new system. Taking measures to service and check the tune of your engine after modifications will ensure correct use and longevity of the product purchased. We highly recommend the state of tune be checked by a professional tuner when fitting any new exhaust system. This is to help avoid possible damage to your engine and new exhaust which can result by neglecting to have the carburettor settings adjusted. Always check and make needed adjustments when fitting exhausts and air filters. Use a reputable technician and have your engine dyno'ed when making modifications if possible, failing to do so can be costly. If ever making a claim for an exhaust system we will ask for these tuning details, and the details of your service work that was done when fitting the new system.

Wear and tear items. We do not warrant (nor does the manufacturer) parts such as cables, bulbs, filters, brake component such as pads and rotors, engine and gear box components and rubber items. SR400/500 models and other bikes that are modified can have excessive vibration known to cause faults with frames, headlights and brackets, indicators, mirrors etc when the engine is poorly tuned. Owners have a responsibility for these problems. So if you have removed the indicator mounting rubbers and fit indictors to a solid mount, excessive vibration may cause faults as it will with mirrors and any other component that can be harmed by excessive vibrations due to poorly maintained or modified bikes / engines or off road use. To the same extend use of products on the race track under harsh conditions will cause excessive wear. Please do your research prior to modifications being made and ensure correct fitment of parts is carried out in a safe manner. Failing to do so will result in warranties being void if proof of correct work can not be verified.

Special notes in regards to alloy tanks. All tanks should have extra care taken to avoid any rubbing, chaffing and wear by piping, frames and or harnesses which may cause faults. Tanks should always be mounted correctly on the rubber mountings as fitted to the bike when it left the factory or as supplied by the manufacturer of the tank. Making corrections and modifications by removal of such parts is at the owners own risk. Faults caused by excessive vibrations due to poorly maintained bikes and or poor fitment is the also the owners responsibility. Any tanks incorrectly fitted will not be considered for warranty. So please check your tank for fittment and that the tank is not being damaged in anyway. We advise to do this on a regular basis to avoid any faults. Warranties will also be void for damaged caused by crashes, modification, exposure to corrosives such as cleaning products or deterioration caused by the elements or wear. The owner is responsible for all damage caused by poor installation, off road use, use on race days and track days. Please use care when maintaining your alloy tank to prolong its life.

Parts that are neglected or incorrectly fitted or where service intervals have not been adhered to and or can not be shown to have been completed will not be considered for warranty. The correct operation of parts depends on installation procedures and maintenance schedules being followed. If the parts are not fitted by an experienced licensed technician and proof of installation or regular service intervals is not available, warranty may be void. Please care for your parts to maintain there longevity and to keep your bike safe!

The correct operation of parts always depends on installation procedures being followed so do it right the first time and enjoy years of safe riding, always do regular maintenance and check safe operation on a regular basis!

Happy riding...


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