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  • All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and we only accept Australian dollars unless discussed prior.

  • All prices advertised within the VANEM online store are retail and include GST (Goods and Services Tax) for Australian customers.

  • For international orders, GST will be removed from all orders that are shipped to destinations outside of Australia, therefore the reduced, "GST-free" prices will be quoted directly to you at the time of ordering.

  • Prices are checked carefully to ensure they are correct at the time of posting to the web, however prices may vary from time to time due to changes in exchange rates and / or suppliers amendments.

  • Approximate costs for special orders and products not advertised will be given when ordering.


All prices within the online store are retail. If pricing is ever in dispute the price as listed in our online store will be final, this includes when a typo error has been sent in an invoice unintentionally (yes, mistakes can happen even for us!). We reserve the right to cancel or hold an order that has not been paid for in full prior to shipping.

We seldom increase prices but all prices are subject to change without notice. We try to keep prices low and stock replacement parts at reasonable prices to ensure customer satisfaction with the products we supply.

Please see the ordering page for ways to ensure that you select the right part for your application and provide us with the information we need for your order. That will help us to keep the costs low and the retail prices where you want them!

Exchange rates for customers outside Australia

If you would like to know the exchange rate to estimate the cost of products in your currency from the Australian dollars values advertised, you can visit or do a currency conversion on the PayPal website. Keep in mind, prices for overseas customers are tax exempt, so the prices will be cheaper by approx 9%.

Note that exchange rates change daily and when buying from overseas and paying via PayPal the PayPal exchange rate on the day will apply unless you choose to pay via international funds transfer. PayPal rates do vary in comparison with other quoted exchange rates and therefore it is best to check the PayPal rate if that is how you intend to pay.



On our website we advertise products that we have in stock. Our stock and the product availability in Japan change on a daily basis. If an item is out of stock we will post this on our website as soon as possible. Shortages can happen from time to time although rare. If we become short on an item we will notify you ASAP when you are placing your order. If a part is in transit or on back order, we will tell you the expected shipment arrival date in good faith based on the information from our suppliers. Unforeseen delays can happen but we can't be held responsible for delays outside our control.

If the parts you are after are not on our website, feel free to ask us anyway as we may be able to help. Special orders can be taken for some goods so don't hesitate to ask about any parts that you are interested in.

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