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To deliver the parts and products for your SR400, SR500, W650, XS650, TW200 and TW225 we use Australia Post. For special orders and small shipments of goods leaving Japan we use EMS (Express Mail Service). The parts you order will be packed with care, just as we would expect them to be packed if sent to us. We are very familiar with most regions of Europe (and their postal requirements) as we have spent considerable time in France, Holland, Germany and Italy and sending products to these locations. Customers not confident in English can also send orders in French, if that helps.

Postage costs are always based on the weight and size of your order and the destination address. We do not charge over inflated postage costs, however we may charge a small surcharge for packaging and in some cases we may charge a small surcharge for special packaging when your goods are extremely fragile and need special care (for example, alloy tanks).

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask, however we ask that you take the time to read the information outlined below and on the FAQ page as this may provide an answer to you more quickly. If the answers are not below or within the service section we will do our best to provide you with as much information as you need.



Registered Post (within Australia)



All deliveries sent via regular post will be registered. This service is best used for larger / heavier items and when time is not as critical. Some deliveries may require a signature for valuable items and certain parcels may require delivery confirmation. The expected delivery time with Registered Post is two to five days (depending on location & time of dispatch). Reg post takes longer than Express Delivery but it is the most economical option for larger items in most cases and an insurance option is available (to a nominated value). For WA, TAS and country SA delivery may take up to 5 - 6 days.

Registered Post includes insurance up to the value of $100. Extra insurance cover over this amount can be purchased for $1.40 per $100 or part thereof, up to $5000 maximum per article. * Insurance is a contract between you the customer and Australia Post directly, not VANEM, In the event of a claim, all claims are to be directed to Australia Post..

*Please also be aware that volumetric weight is charged for larger boxes, this can alter the postage rates to cost more than the actual weight if the sized weight (volume weight) exceeds the limits.

For further information about this service see this following link to Australia Post >> Registered post information



Express Post (within Australia)



Express post is a great service if your order is required quickly. It is also a good service for destinations such as Perth as the satchel costs for 500g, 3kg and 5kg can be better priced than Reg post at times which saves you dollars and gets products to you faster. Overnight satchels are most commonly used and all parts are bubble wrapped and protected with cardboard where possible. Express Post is guaranteed next day delivery to most capital cities and suburbs but may take two to three days in country areas. Note - the guaranteed 'next day delivery' is from Australia Post, not us!

This service is recommended where the goods are able to fit into a - 500g, 3kg or 5kg satchel as the postage rate for express satchels is generaly far better than boxed Express Post rates and many times the rate is the same as for Registered Post. For larger items via Express Post quoted rates will be charged (eg: when packed in boxes).

Note: No insurance is available with Express Post however express bags are scanned out of the post office and have there own unique number. Scanning is done at the post office, the depot and when given out to the delivery contractor when being delivered. So in 99% of cases if a bag goes missing Australia Post know where it is and when it was signed for.

More express post details >>



For Overseas Orders (worldwide) shipped from Australia - (and occasionally from Japan)


Several options are available, including the following services listed below. Size and weight restriction apply so please ask for details or see Australia Post's website for details to fully understand limits. When quoting we will generally give the best two option for the weight and size. Generally international rates for parcels are

* Sea freight (weeks/months) this service can take 8-12 weeks. Useful if your order is very heavy and you are not in a hurry or are waiting for the snow to clear. Parcel up to 20kg can be sent.

* Air freight: Standard airmail (3 -18 days) depending on your location and the postal service within your country. This is the most common method used by our customers for large heavy parcels when time is not critical. Insurance is available when posting so please specify whether you would like insurance. (Note: Insurance is not available to all countries).

* EPI: Express Post International (3 - 7 days). A fast option for packages that weigh 2kg or more. You will be charged for 2kg if your parcel is under that weight regardless so if your order is around the two kg or more we may suggest this method. This service in general only costs $5 more than airmail (per the nominated weight over 2kg) so for the added benefits of basic tracking and a slightly quicker delivery time makes it a good option in most cases for the price.

* ECI: Express Courier International, (3 - 5 days). This option has the advantage of full tracking door to door and is very fast. It is more expensive but if the products you need are urgent or you would like the possibility to track the item from start to finish this service is also available. Depending on the weight range and cross over point in rates, this service can be very competitive for certain goods and has all of the bells and whistles to get the parts to you fast. Note some country areas and those outside the capital cities should expect slightly longer delivery times.

* EMS: "Special orders being sent direct from Japan" will be sent via EMS or FedEx only, unless alternative options are discussed with you whilst finalising your ordering. If you are dealing with large or heavy parts we will discuss postal options with you prior to purchase and delivery. EMS from Japan is more competitive than similar services from other countries and it is very efficient due to the high standard of service from Japan.

You have full tracking available and can watch every step of your parcels movement right up until it's on your door step. Insurance is available and included in most cases. Some insurance options may require additional documentation if posting expensive items (Generally over JPY 100,000 will need paper work shown).

Note: all of the above services have some weight and size restrictions depending on your location. Full details can be found at the following links >>



Local delivery by Vanem or courier



We may offer delivery directly to you in person for a nominal fee similar to Australia Post rates. For large or small orders this can be a good options to avoid any unwanted postal hazards. This service is also available for fragile items such as fuel tanks. Our courier service is limited within the Sydney CBD and Metro area (including Northern Beaches and North Shore area).

All deliveries made by us in person are only to legitimate day time addresses (no we will not meet you in a carpark). All parcels being delivered are to be signed for at the time of delivery and identification may be asked for. A day time phone number is required when couriers or Vanem delivers your parts.

All parts being delivered in person by us are our respnsibility until you or the nominated person takes delivery. Parts being delivered by courier are the responsibilty of our courier from the time of taking delivery. It is recomended that you or the person taking delivery of your parts inspects and checks that parts are in pefect condiction at time of delivery as all liabilty for delivery is up until the time the goods are signed for.



Insurance advice



We always highly recommended that you take the option of insuring your parcel. This of course is up to you to decide at the time of payment, if insurance is not requested we will automatically assume you do not require insurance. Therefore unless stated your parcels are not insured unless you have specifically requested insurance. Parcel sent locally via parcel post will automatically have registration unless otherwise requested however insuranceas stated above is an additional charge. For orders being sent outside of Australia we will advise you at the time of ordering as to insurance options.

*It is very rare that a parcel gets lost or is damaged but it can happen, so insurance is a good idea!.

Note: No Insurance is available for airmail parcels to Germany and some locations in Europe / Asia and or when certain services are used, this information is available at the Australia Post website and is generally advised when ordering. (For goods that you wish to insure to Germany use EPI or ECI).



Local import duties and additional information



Local import duties may be payable on receipt of goods in some countries, please do your research prior to ordering,.

We recomend that you check with your local regulatory office for the most up to date information. Some information can also be found on the Australian post website however your local information in regards to importations is the safest way to ensure details are correct and fully unerstood. Note: Vanem will not be liable in anyway what so ever for goods imported by you in in correctly. It is the customer's full responsibilty to understand and order goods fit for your country, state and region.



Parcels lost in the post



We take all possible measures to ensure your goods are safely packed and that they are well labelled when posted. All postage records can be provided if needed and we will try to assist you if your parcel goes missing or is damged when being delivered.

Lost or damged parcels ultimately are the responsibilty of the carrier at time of delivery. If you need additional information about postage and delivery options please email us.


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