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Buying products from Vanem is an easy and straight forward process. We can take orders via email, over the phone or through the post. The information below explains the ordering and payment options. For all transactions we deal with you (the customer) directly. Ordering this way makes the buying process a personal one. You will be able to deal directly with someone who can help you with the details you need to know about the parts you are buying. If you have any further questions in regards to ordering and payment details after reading the following information don't hesitate to contact us for more information.



See the details below about:

  1. HOW TO ORDER (email, phone, post)  
  2. HOW TO PAY (direct deposit, PayPal / credit card, TT)  


  1. Browse through our parts selection and record the part numbers for the products you wish to order.
  2. Send us the details (part numbers or names) of the parts you wish to order or request further information if needed after reveiwing the information provided about the parts. You can do this by email, phone or post.
  3. We will confirm the parts and postage cost details to the address provided and answer any questions or concerns you have, then we forward the invoice with all relevant details for payment and postage to you. All details will be in an attached invoice (PDF file) that you can print and use when paying at the bank and or keep for your records until the parts and paper work arrives.
  4. Once you have checked the invoice, you then pay the invoice and confirm the payment with us.
  5. After funds have cleared we pack and send the parts to you.

When making an order or enquiry about our products please include all of the following details, this will avoid any delays. Which ever way you choose to order these details are required:

Personal details:
Full name
Phone number
Postal address
Billing address
Part numbers for the parts required

Bikes details:
Year of manufacture

We will then confirm the availability of the parts and the cost of postage to the address provided. Please remember to always include your day time postal address and note that orders to PO BOXES are not always acceptable for some countries, states and when shipping via some postal delivery services.




A) Ordering Online:

Simply choose the parts you wish to order.

List the part numbers and description in an email and forward it to us at >>
We will then return you an online invoice with full details for payment and shipping. Remember to include your details so we can calculate the postage estimate. If a part is out of stock, we will inform you straight away when returning details to you.


B) Ordering over the phone:

Orders over the phone are possible however requests via email are preffered. When we receive a call requesting parts, we will take your details (as described above) and confirm the parts availability. We will then provide you with our direct deposit payment details at the time of your call.
If you have tried calling both the office & mobile phone numbers during business hours and they are unattended (which is rare between 10am & 2.30pm), leave a clear message with your details and request. Always include your name, phone number & email address and we will get you back as soon as possible. If you have not heard back from us then your message may have a problem or was not understood, in which case simply try again. We always respond within two business days, (usually within 24 hrs but up to three days during busy periods).

Note: Please remember we do not take credit card details over the phone and we rarely answer private numbers due to the massive amounts of telemarketers that call us all day long, so always call from an identifiable number to avoid delays.

C) Ordering by post:

Send all snail mail to:

PO BOX 286
Lane Cove NSW 1595

When posting details of the parts you wish to order - please include all of the details as outlined above (personal and bike details) and list all of parts you are interested in by listing the part numbers provided on the parts pages. Your return address will be needed to return the invoice. Please remember that when making orders by post it takes time to receive the invoice and process, so this option is a slow alternative.



We have several payment options available to make buying from us easy.

  • Direct deposit to our Australian bank account (details available on request)
  • Pay-Pal (credit cards or funds transfer available from over 50 countries).
  • Bank, personal or business cheques.
  • Australia Post money orders.




A) Direct deposit for Australian customers:

If you reside within Australia we prefer direct deposit to our bank account when possible. This is the easiest and quickest way to pay for your goods. All of the details will be provided on your invoice which is sent as a PDF file at the time of ordering online. If mailing or phoning our bank details will be provided as required or please see above.

The details for payment will include:

*BSB number
*Bank account number

Please use these details to make payments to our account. To speed up the process always use the invoice number provided as a reference as this helps us identify your payment quickly. Direct deposit payments can be done simply via bank transfer online when using internet banking or directly over the counter at the nearest bank.

For customers who wish to use a credit card for payments, you will receive an invoice from our Paypal account.





B) Credit card payments and for customers outside of Australia:

If you are a customer outside of Australia: or you want to pay via credit card online then payment can easily be made using the currency of your choice directly to our verified Paypal business account in Australian dollars (AUD). Paypal allows for simple and instant payment. Even if you are not a Paypal account holder you can pay simply and easily with a choice of methods.

Payment through the secure Paypal site can be from your:

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • bank account or
  • existing Paypal balance if you are a regular user

To order from outside of Australia or to pay by credit card please forward your orders via email as per normal with all of the required details as outlined above. We will forward you an invoice online which includes all the details about your purchase. Simply follow the easy payment instructions that are included when receiving your payment request from Vanem.





C) PayPal payments

Special notes about Paypal payments for international customers and new customers:

It is very rare that we receive a fraudulent payment but it has occurred. So when we receive a payment from our international customers and those using credit cards or from a new customer, it generally takes several days to verified and clear your payments.

Even though Paypal is an instant payment the payment can still be reversed if it is found to be fraudulent or your account has insufficient funds. Therefore we now only send the ordered parts once funds have been cleared and verified.

For users of Paypal - e-cheques: We only forward parts once the funds have cleared and they have been processed. The clearance time for e-cheques can take several days just like a normal cheque. If you’re not a verified member of Paypal, your payment can occasionally be received as an E- cheque. To avoid delays it is recommended that you become a verified member when using Paypal.

Paypal information for payments:

All international orders and credit card payments can be paid online via Paypal to:

This is the only account you will receive a payment request from - If you receive a payment request and it differs from the above details, please notify us for verification if in doubt.

To find out more about Paypal please see the Paypal website in your home country, or at this following link:


D) Telegraphic Transfer for large orders by international customers:

If you live outside of Australia and you wish to purchase an expensive item and or a large order you may be asked to pay via a funds transfer (TT) directly to our bank account. In this case we will provide you with the swift code and all relevant account information to make a payment to our Australian bank account easily at the time of ordering.




Please note:

We do not accept payment via the postal service’s COD option under any circumstances. The additional costs involved with COD through the postal system makes it an unviable form of payment and it is not a reliable form of payment for us. So if you want to pay cash on delivery, we are happy to do so if you are picking up your goods or if VANEM is delivering in person. Otherwise COD is not an option.

For more information about cash payment when picking up or when VANEM is delivering your goods, feel free to ask.


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